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Buli Lost In The Void

I Suppose Ja is proud to release Lost in the Void: a 4 track EP from Pretoria based producer Buli.

Buli has been making waves in the SA beat scene with his chilled meloncholic instrumentals, and has collaborated with artists Micr.pluto, Vox Portent, Leeu, Amarafleur, Physicist and FRNGE. Buli has released 4 projects to date, this EP will be Buli’s 1st release through isupposeja and follows up from his last; Wish I slept more EP which he released independently.

“A majority of these tracks were made right after I released “Feels”. At that time my creative juices were flowing and I decided to experiment with certain sounds and try new things in terms of my approach to making music. I can’t remember exactly what influenced me at the time I made these tracks but it was more about me just wanting to mess around and try new things I decided to call it Lost In Void because I felt the name matched well with the overall sound of the EP. The Void being yourself or someone else .You end up feeling lost in yourself or someone else that you forget who you are originally. The cover art perfectly depicts that (s/o to Seth Pimental for the cover art)” Buli





Moon Temple Cover

Vox Portent’s latest 6 track EP ‘Moon temple’ explores new territories in down tempo and electronica gaining influences from South American artists such as Nicola Cruz and Chancha Via Circuito.


  1. Moon Temple
  2. Daydreamers
  3. El Fuego
  4. Mercedes
  5. Lunar Llama
  6. Thrill

“Here it is! My new EP Moon Temple not sure what to say except that this is very different to my previous releases. I’m always exploring different styles of music and I’ve had a lot of fun with this project. I was listening to a variety of South American Artists and tribal music during this time, plus this style is what my live sets sound like at the moment. Enjoy  “

Vox Portent


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Explore cinematic moods and melancholy mixed with distortion and tension to bring you a electronic masterpiece in FRNGES debut release ‘A Temporary Escape’

” This year has been an extremely personal journey for me. I often found myself in situations where I had the need to run away from my problems and just forget about everything around me, but obviously this sense of escape isn’t permanent, it remains temporary. This escape wasn’t always an escape from a negative situation, but can also be a positive escape to enjoy something. This EP is my debut collection of tracks as FRNGE, I wanted to make myself proud of what I have created. Please enjoy the collection of songs as well as the included booklet upon download.” FRNGE




Close to two years in the making, I Suppose Ja and Knit Agency are proud to present the newest release from the East Rand based electronic producer Vox Portent.

Changing gears from establishing his left field Johannesburg based label: I Suppose Ja and his first release from Rooinek the slick dance groove collaboration with Thami 2 shoez. He is once again proving himself to be one of the most versatile producers in South Africa.

Through this album Vox Portent explores the experience of youth and youthfulness; particularly his own experiences of the last couple years as a journey towards maturity. This project is influenced by his experiences as a gigging musician and his time spent in the South African club scene but still Vox Portent has tried to convey some very abstract and subtle ideas in this project. From the optimism and hopefulness of early youth, through love and heartbreak, into cynicism and pessimism, into a new kind of hopefulness, a more measured and mature kind of optimism based in a deeper understanding of the world.

“This album is presented as a portrait, its about growing up being influenced by the world around me, experiences that have shaped and molded me into who I am today it represents a phase in my life, my youth. I explored what sounds were popular in my circles and gave into working with more synthetic and mainstream samples but I decided to challenge them by adding some form of disruption through lighter drum hits and distorted arpeggiation, there’s an element of deconstructionism in it which is seen in the artwork. I didn’t want an ego attached to this project, that would be harmful in the progression of others, it is about love, hope, inspiration, comfort, motivation, compassion, excitement and curiosity.”

Vox Portent

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Rooinek’s Debut EP East Randers features 6 tracks and is an introduction to new sound exploring the boundaries of South African music with a new genre called Kwaai Tek.


Download the Album for free on bandcamp or show your support and purchase it from Itunes